Trusted Fire Alarm Installation in Jeddah

As one of the best fire alarm installation companies in Jeddah, the Al Zaman ensures complete care and protection in your property from fire related accidents. We possess the necessary expertise to work with the most advanced systems. As a result the fire alarm systems that we install not only provide faster warning but also take predominant measures to avoid loss of life and destruction of property. The comprehensive service on fire alarm installation in Jeddah that we perform covers a whole set of top grade equipment. Efficiency of the equipment set lies in giving out warnings in time so that precautionary measures can be taken to avoid disasters.


The control panel of a modern, efficient fire alarm system controls the overall device. In any good fire alarm system the control panel shoulders the responsibilities of monitoring, detecting, analyzing and reporting in case of a probable fire incident. The advanced fire safety alarms that we deal in at Al Zaman company in Jeddah, have more sensitive alert system to warn you off in time. A smoke detector on the other hand sets off its alarm whenever it detects smoke inside your property. Our fire alarm systems also have heat sensitive components. Thus whenever the surrounding temperature rises because of thermal energy that a fire produces, it alerts the heat detector.

As one of the best fire alarm installation company in Jeddah, we can assure you the leading fire alarm systems that we work with unfailingly provide accurate manual call points to give out alert signals in incident of a fire. Manual call points on their part promptly send an alert manually as an emergency situation is about to break out. The most widely used mode of alert comes in the form of a bell and sounder. It sends the necessary

information fast across a wide area. Al Zaman company in Jeddah categorically deals with some of the best brands of fire alarm systems in the world. Our preferred brands include –

  • GST
  • Edward system
  • Gent
  • Lifeco
  • Hochiki
  • Apollo
  • Simplex
  • Zeta
  • Esser
  • Honeywell
  • Morley IAS
  • Zygon
  • C-tec
  • Wormald
  • Shield
  • Nitin

As a trusted name in fire alarm installation in Jeddah, we provide an exceptional service including maintenance and servicing of these systems. Our experts will also show the basics of handling a fire alarm system to your employees to make their life easier.