Chilled water system installation and piping

Al Zaman caters to all your needs and wishes related chilled water systems. We supply and install these systems across Jeddah, as well as provide piping and maintenance services too. When services related to chilled water systems are concerned, we are one of the most trusted names across the Kingdom.

As one of the best chilled water systems installation services in Jeddah, KSA we, at Al Zaman, not only install but also test and commission these systems. Some of our core professional expertise includes installation of valves and fittings like – Butterfly valve, DRV, gate valves, sensors, Air Handling unit, Fan Coil Unit and Actuator, etc.

Proper maintenance of your water chiller ensures its better efficiency and longer lasting. In the long run this saves your money and preserves the peace of mind. Chiller maintenance service that we offer at Al Zaman, varies from site to site. As a result there are lesser possibilities of breakdowns that invariably prove costly.

As far as large properties and high riser buildings are concerned, chilled water systems are undoubtedly the best cooling solution. Chilled water systems for buildings can be broadly categorised into two parts – namely rooftop systems and those installed behind the walls of a building. The rooftop water chilling systems have to be filled with water. Water in these systems is to be cooled around six degrees Celsius. Air handlers have in built coils. These air handlers are meant to circulate air throughout a building. Water is then passed through those coils. Water pipes in a chilled water system function like evaporator coils in a standard air conditioning system.

At Al Zaman, we have skilled and certified plumbers in our team to upgrade your outdated chillers with the latest versions of the gadget that are more efficient and safer to use. Chilled water feeds HVAC systems. A chiller artificially brings down the temperature of water anywhere between 6 and 12 degrees Celsius. Chillers are not only meant to produce chilled water but also to maintain a temperature difference of 6 degrees.

Chilled water systems are a necessity in various industrial processes as well as air conditioning applications. Chilled water systems come in a wide variation of size and capacity. Even the design complexity varies a lot from system to system. But as far as inner components are concerned, they remain the same. Typical components of a chilled water system include pumps, chillers, cooling loads and valves that are meant to control the water flow.

Importance of chilled water system installation and maintenance

A chilled water system is nothing but a version of a centralised cooling system. A single system caters to an entire building or a set of buildings.

A chilled water system functions as a centralized cooling system for an entire building or a series of buildings. Thus it is a practical way of installing several pieces of equipment in different places rather than sharing them. As a result, this makes it easier to maintain the units.

Chilled water systems that we deal in at Al Zaman are also used as process equipment. Chilled water is circulated around the machines. The water that comes out after being circulated is obviously at a higher temperature than what went inside before the circulation. This water is fed into water chiller where it is cooled again and re-circulated. Water cooled through the chiller is also used in cleaning and washing food products before blast freezing. These food items mainly include meat, fish and poultry products.

  • At Al Zaman, we deal in fully custom made and factory tested water chillers
  • Our products are designed for commercial use round the year
  • The water chilling systems come with pre-insulated water tank and circulating pump
  • The products have micro processor based system controller and are easy to both set up and use
  • Varieties of configurations to cater to a wide range of process applications
  • Easy to maintain and durable over the years

Whether you need installation, regular maintenance and servicing or replacement of chilled water systems in Jeddah, Al Zaman is right by your side to cater to your needs.