An affordable Building Management System Company in Jeddah

Jeddah is a fast evolving hub of global economy. Steady economic development of the region paves the way for modern building infrastructure. Improved infrastructure in the buildings in form of Building Management Systems (BMS) has a steady demand here. As a distinct building management system company in Jeddah, the Al Zaman has unparalleled recognition. We possess in-depth firsthand experience in installing BMS across homes, offices, hospitals, hotels and other commercial sites.

What is a Building Management System (BMS)?

The Building Management System or BMS is an efficient system that controls different parameters of a building, automatically with minimal human intervention. The system can be monitored through a computer installed in a building. The parameters that are to be controlled may affect temperature, humidity, illumination and other factors inside the building. The Building Management System or BMS is also interchangeably called the Building Automation System or BAS. In addition to the factors mentioned above, the BMS can also monitor, as well as control other vital aspects of any building like security system, fire system, ventilation and power systems.


A typical BMS has two parts – the software and hardware. Building management system companies in Jeddah rely upon a range of software applications to ensure smooth management of a building system. Moreover, there are various protocols and open standards available. Some of the most widely used protocols include the C – Bus and Profibus, whereas few popular BMS open standards are Lon Works, BACnet, SOAP, XML and others . As far as Building Management Systems in Jeddah is concerned, it not only controls internal environmental factors inside a building but also contributes to access control. The latest versions of building automation systems are not only capable of granting control access inside a building but also monitor a range of security systems including CCTV and motion detectors.


Advantages that a BMS offers

  • In the modern times, a BMS is the base of any smart home.
  • A Building Management System contributes to higher level of security in a building by allowing a user to grant controlled access.
  • It contributes to saving both time and energy.
  • It improves level of comfort for the people living in a building by controlling the HVAC system as per the desire of a user.
  • A BMS is efficient enough to control various systems like fire alarm, smoke detector and thus helps avoid disasters as well as saves lives in such adversities.
  • It also has been found to boost productivity of workers in a workplace.
  • The smart and efficient system allows users monitor their houses even from remote locations.

Al Zaman is reputed for providing one of the best services related to building automation systems in Jeddah. As a trusted building management system company in Jeddah, we have technically sound engineers and dedicated professionals in our team to leave no stone unturned to deliver comprehensive and safe solutions to all our clients.